A one day multi-disciplinary arts project aimed at transforming everyday people's everyday moans into something beautiful, thought provoking and harmonious.

These are troubling times. Here at the Ministry, we understand that people are feeling alienated from their elected officials in Government. We appreciate that the concerns of the people of St Leonards are not being heard. No more!

The Ministry of Moans is an all-new Department tasked with collecting, collating and cataloguing every citizen’s every complaint! From mundane to massive, we are ‘Here to Hear!'

Our Ministers will set up a public outdoor surgery, where we shall emphatically listen to and fastidiously collect each and every Moan you care to bring us. These Moans will then be returned to the Ministry to be duly processed, filed and fed to our Active Response To Individual Situations Transformation System (A.R.T.I.S.T.S).

The outcome should be a soothing and wondrous live art experience, combining theatre, puppetry, visual art and live and recorded music, to which all citizens who offered up their moans will be invited as VIPs.

Come visit us at the Ministry of Moans. Remember: we’re here to hear!

This project will take place in Spring 2021. So keep checking the Good Stuff in St Leonards socials for when we announce the details.


Ministry of Moans is devised and produced by Reshuffle, a collective of local performers, musicians, visual artists and designers who have come together to question the current political and social structures, as well as the institutional hierarchies in the arts. We believe there are better ways to exist in harmony and express this through multi-disciplinary arts, with the intention of challenging and transforming the status quo.

It is part of Pitch, our public call-out for new creative projects in St Leonards that took place in September 2020. 

More information on Pitch 2020

Supported by

Good Stuff in St Leonards, a community-led programme of creative activities and events funded by Creative Civic Change and facilitated by local arts charity Home Live Art

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