Frock Up Friday is an online community started in St Leonards at the beginning of lockdown. It started as a simple idea - local friends wanted to dump the PJs, get dressed up at the beginning of the weekend and share our photos.

Those few friends have turned into 13,000+ and the project has enabled local people from St Leonards to create connections with people from all over the world. Frock Up Friday started as a dressing-up project but the group has become much more, members help one another through lots of life problems as well as celebrations.

As a legacy of this historical time Frock Up Friday published a book to record this strange and wonderful experience. Featuring photos and stories from their members.

Good Stuff in St Leonards supported Frock Up Friday to officially launch the publication in St Leonards – with a local shop trail, talks and a special event featuring local ‘Frockers’ performing.


Bev Francis and Susan Simms set up the Frock Up Friday group on Facebook together, initially just for themselves, and have since gained more than 13,500 members from across the world.

They became best friends when Susan was Bev’s lodger in St Leonards for two years. Dressing up on Friday nights became a bit of a tradition and it continued after Susan moved into her own flat earlier this year.

Frock Up Friday was created in March 2020 as a way to stay connected during lockdown and to share photos of their chosen outfits each week and has become a huge success in keeping everyone feeling connected.

Good Stuff in St Leonards support for the launch is part of Pitch, our public call-out for new creative projects in St Leonards that took place in September 2020.

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Good Stuff in St Leonards, a community-led programme of creative activities and events funded by Creative Civic Change and facilitated by local arts charity Home Live Art

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