Remote...Local is a space for young migrants, those who are first, second, third or more generation migrants, as well as migrant allies, to think and write about their experiences in/relation to St Leonard's.

In an ongoing series of workshops, the group is documenting and mapping the migrant and international narratives of the town using live writing, speculative fiction, sound walks, zines, photography and other forms of making and writing. We are exploring who and what counts as local and investigating how heritage and cultural differences shape a different relationship to a community and place.

Remote… Local was an idea was developed by a community group of local migrants and allies who formed the working group, and shaped the vision of the project.  

The project is facilitated by Critical Interruptions, a migrant-led cooperative founded by Diana Damian-Martin and Bojana Janković. Together, Diana and Bojana talk, perform, write and think about migration, borders, internationalism and Eastern European identities and diasporic cultures.

Remote...Local was coordinated by Vanessa Farinha, a creative producer, artist and co-founder of The Nothing productions. The project is now coordinated by Khadija Kahn.

Supported by

Good Stuff in St Leonards, a community-led programme of creative activities and events funded by Creative Civic Change and facilitated by local arts charity Home Live Art

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