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Adam Wood
Hares to me a wise.. Dreamlike animals.. They symbolise many things and are very curious.. And I think they have a stark contrast to the seaside... Out of place. Examples of previous work
Adam Dando
Geometric Hastings landscape, quirky houses, fishing boats and trees!
Adam Donovan
I wanted to paint a psychedelic sunset seascape, showing some iconic parts of Hastings; the pier in full swing with a band playing, bright coloured lights illuminating above and into the stars. A fishing boat, the "Anne-Marie" in the foreground which I've added as a tribute to my parents - my Dad is the man on it, the boat named after my Mum. I've lived in Hastings all my life and it made sense to paint it. I wanted to add some of my favourite aspects of Hastings and its history to the mural; pirate day, the sea, the fisherman, live music. I enjoy painting things that seem otherworldly and I've recently completed an octopus mural in my home, so I painted this mural in a similar style using bright colours and breaking away from naturalism. I wanted to create more of a sense of a dream state, as Hastings is known for being different and quirky: we have Jack in the Green, pirate day, bonfires, drummers, artists. I thought a traditional seascape wouldn't do the town justice when the town is made of bright, artistic people who daydream and don't take themselves too seriously.
Alexander Harding
My piece entitled 'No Signal', is intended as a whimsical twist on post-lockdown life, as (hopefully) we turn our backs on our televisions (tablets/laptops etc) and enjoy the "real" and beautiful view of our lovely coast. I chose the TV as it's roots are in Hastings, and I went for an older style set to invoke nostalgia and to demonstrate the constant progression of technology. I feel that the mural would offer a fun photo opportunity and also wonder how younger people will react to this pre-flatscreen monolith!
Alfred Chabilan
I took the theme "Day dreaming" quite literally by showing one of my main characters, Kratos the Doberman, riding with some of his crew at sunset down to the end of Hastings pier. In my art narrative, I have created my own bike club called the "Blood Hounds". They are a pack of dog outlaws best known for their loyalty and strength as a group. I believe these guys are perfect for this mural due to the huge motorbike scene, and through the much needed friend support over the last year. I too just want to ride and feel free with my mates again. ""
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Alishia Jordan
Day dreaming Tik tok maddyj602 there is some videos of my art
Amber Pollitt
During the pandemic we have been encouraged to keep our space from each other. As a result of that many lives have been saved and an unfortunate amount lost, one of those being my uncle. He was my inspiration for this design as he loved space and i thought it’d be a good way for my family to remember him and be closer to him; especially as it’s by the sea and he volunteered as a coastguard. I’m a gcse art student and the work i have is in my art book kept at school
Anastasia Kozachuk
My idea was that there's a noble girl standing peacefully while watching the sunset. Nature can be so breathtaking and at times we forget to admire the beauty. As the day comes to the end, there's many things and opportunities ahead of us all. Difficult days that pass make us stronger. Also, a little note. Four tiny birds that are flying in the sky represent freedom that awaits her, one faithful day...
Eden & Andrew Kotting
The mural would be inspired by a series of 'dreamwork' paintings that we have been collaborating on for the last year and which take a self-portrait image of Eden in her Jack-in-the Green head garland as a starting point. Recurring themes of flowers, mouths, teeth, words, fish, stars bubbles and wood grain would be explored. The attached images would provide context and inspiration for the mural but we would respond to the site specific constraints.
Andy Scarles
My take on the seaside and St Leonards growing up has always been bright vibrant colours and bold shapes, my work focuses on colour and geometry and I love to combine the two to make abstract pieces that bring fun and enjoyment into a physical space.
Annabelle Moorsom
Reflections. During the pandemic, the seafront has been a space for reflection for many of us. I'd like to make a mosaic mural of mirror reflecting the sky and the sea and the beach in front. The mosaic would be made of upcycled broken mirrors and be placed in vertical strips like Bottle Alley. The pieces will be individual tesserae of mirror and cover the wall.
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Annie Braxton
I did it because I thought it was fun, I have been playing around like this on photoshop for fun I have done other stuff. A giraffe that I design on photoshop ages ago or something to do with animals
Arno Rupert Maasdor
"Witty, bright, tongue in cheek wordplay suited to a fun establishment in close proximity. Something to amuse passers by as well as a photo opportunity 😉 "
Def Peck
Marrying the idea of kids enjoying pirate day with the rainbow, which symbolises the very inclusive nature of the town. The final piece will be a stenciled spray paint job..
Helen Samuels
"Day Dreaming... St Leonards is a community packed with vivid characters full of idiosyncrasies and surprises. My mural design reflects the idea of this diverse group dreaming their individual and collective dreams in their home town by the sea."